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Sculpted Impressions Porcelain Tiles

Once again, we have re-invented a lost 19th century porcelain art form, “Émaux Ombrants”, (best translated as “enamel shadows”), and bring it to you in 21st century style, with our Sculpted Impressions Art Tiles. On each piece, a striking image is caused by a translucent ceramic glaze, kiln fired onto a highly detailed carving in fine porcelain. The glaze pools in the deeper areas of the carving, appearing darker, and flows off the raised areas of the carving, revealing the white porcelain underneath. This produces a stunning range of shades with nearly photographic detail. The effect is almost magical, the surface is smooth and almost flat, but the image is crisp and shows great three-dimensional depth. The carving must also be executed with a high degree of skill to produce the subtle nuances in shading. For this  we at the Porcelain Garden draw on our 30 years of experience producing our famous and exquisite Lithophane carvings.

We offer 6” x 6” Art Tiles, all hand-made here in our studios, using the same fine porcelain. These tiles are mounted on a sturdy easel back, allowing for setting it upright as shown, or it can be hung on a wall as an accent piece.

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