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Night Light Replacement Parts And Components

If you need just the porcelain panel for one of our lamps or night lights, those are available from us as well. We will be updating our site to allow convenient ordering of replacement panels soon, but in the meanwhile, please get pricing and shipping info by clicking here:

LITHOPHANE NIGHT LIGHTS: Each night light consists of 4 parts. The porcelain panel (curved or flat), the metal mounting clip, the plug, and a light bulb. You may order any of these parts individually.  Note the two optional plugs available; the photocell  plug will automatically turn on when it gets dark and turn off when it gets light. The rotating plug allow the porcelain  panel to remain upright no matter which way the electrical socket is installed in your home.

SILHOUETTE PORCELAIN NIGHT LIGHTS Each night light consist of the cylindrical shade, the rubber mounting washer, the plug, and the bulb. Sorry, but there is no photocell plug available for this night light.

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